World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2018 – Denia: Afterglow

It has been an amazing experience! It’s the most pure form to connect with people. Only in 1 minute of eye contact you’re able to bond deeply with a stranger. It’s only possible to hold on during 1 minute if you’re able to accept yourself and the other person for 100%. You have to let go of all prejudgements and judgement of yourself. The result was beautiful!

I want to thank everyone who made this event possible. In the first place to The Liberators International for this global initiative, to Alex Morales from Qfitness for letting us use his equipment so we’ll be comfortable and especially to Jeane Feitosa from Cultura Sostenible Denia for her postive spirit, artistic paintings, interviews, local connections, … which brought this event to the next level.
And of course a warm thank you for all who will participate and your atention.

Result: 50 people connected

Feitosa K Jeane de Cultura Sostenible Denia is a painter, sculptress, photographer, … and I’m so happy she invested her talent to make the following movie about Denia’s World Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2018. Thank you.