Denia’s World Dance Day 2018

Connecting 1000 people in 2018: That’s my challenge, that’s my goal!
Let’s kick off by organising  World Dance Day 2018 at our side of the world in Spain, Denia!
Let’s dance, let’s connect!

Come dance through the streets of Denia as part of this world-wide outdoor silent disco dance celebration, where we all count down together and press play on the same mega-mix of music. We will demonstrate that we are stronger united than separate and will all listen to an epic 1-hour mix of dance music on our headphones while spreading joy with your friends in public! The global organisers The Liberators International will create a music video that will show the world dancing together as one. Locally organised by Buddha Theatre.

What to Bring:
Your Mobile Phone (Fully charged)
Small Bubble Mix
Global MP3 Mixtape of Dance Music (This will be emailed to you)
Water Bottle
Colourful Clothing
Colourful Piece of Cloth

How to Get Your Mp3 Mix
To be emailed your 1 hour global mixtape of music you need to get your $5 ticket here –>

How Much Does it Cost?

What do you get?
1. You get to download the epic 1 hour global mix of music for your dance party.
2. You gain access to a private online facebook community where you can help vote for the songs that get selected in the global mix.
3. You receive a 15% discount off the official global event T-shirt.
4. An incredible dance experience!
5. A global video showing the world dancing together as one.

Extra Info:
The mixtape will have global dance music with peace creating instructions on it like handing out hi-fives, giving free hugs and starting playful dance circles. Each city will capture the event on video so we can create a global video that shows the world dancing together as one, so bring your colourful outfits!

The official event trailer here:

We will post the exact map of our route closer to the date to everyone who officially registers here:

Want to Know More About Who’s Behind the Curtains?
Global Organisers: The Liberators International
Local Organiser: Buddha Theatre

Invite your friends and let’s connect!
#Worlddance, #Deniaworlddance, #Buddhatheatre

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