World Singing Day Denia 2019 – The Afterglow

Yesterday, on the 19th of October, people gathered in cities all over the world in order to create a message of unity for World Singing Day 2019. And OK Denia is not New York or Helsinki but we showed that Denia knows how to party!!! People connected: 100

World Singing Day 2019 Denia’s Invitation

World Singing Day is a global sing-along, held annually on the third Saturday in October. The event celebrates our common humanity, using the power of singing together to connect people and communities around the world.

Eye Contact Experiment Testimonials Beyond Words

There is no event more simple and meanwhile more complicated to explain than the Eye Contact Experiment. Look each other in the eyes for 1 minute. Here you have it. But what happens afterwards goes beyond words. Some people tried to to describe the undescribable.

Lessons Learned From a 3 Year Old (30 videos in 30 days)

This serie of 30 videos is based upon my biggest inspiration, my 3 year old son Lewis. Below you’ll find the first and the final one. The rest of the videos can be found at my Youtube channel. Thank you, Lewis, for allowing me to rediscover the world once again through your eyes.