Truly connect with the world and ignite your vitality by releasing your authentic self

Theories are so nice and easy to listen to ... However, theories fade but experiences stick. Join the courses and experiment how it feels to live fully and function at the top of your knowledge.

In this short interview I’ll explain my goal with Buddha Theatre
and why theatre is such a powerfool tool to achieve it.

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Private Persons

Imagine being at the best party ever. No breaks. No thinking. Just doing. You’re in the flow. You feel energized. You are free.
Join one of our courses to liberate yourself from your personal limitations and end up with the best party experience ever but without the hangover.


Let me help you align company values, management and workers. Create an environment where everyone is working at the top of their knowledge. Everyone is pulling in the same direction. The work floor feels like a safety zone where creative ideas can sprout.

Buddha Theatre Values

  • Connect with your partners and environment in an authentic way
  • Create a platform of trust where magic can happen
  • Be present, be in the moment
  • Fail & stay happy
  • Accept what is
  • Excel by being mediocre
  • Embrace positivity
  • Be spontaneous, live fully, be free


The Buddha Theatre courses touch the essence of humanity itself and will change your life from the inside out private and business wise.

My story

When was the last time I was REALLY happy!? I had to dig deep and return 30 years in time: I was about 8 years old, exams were finished, all positive grades and my parents were told I had been a good boy (for once) … Can you imagine the sense of not having a single worry on your mind and being ready to have a blast of a 2 month summer vacation!? Aiming for exactly this sensation of freedom and inner peace became my new life goal! And convincing others to make it their life goal as well.

Feedback & Reviews

“Kris has a warm and authentic style. He brings unconscious behaviour to the surface and opens it for discussion.”

Leen Van Oycke

Owner Integraal Coaching

” Kris is an inspiring person. If he starts something he’ll spit it through and achieves the best possible solution. I’m sure he works with the same dedication to make Buddha Theatre a success.”

Wouter Goris

Owner Ready2Improve

“Kris his energy, physical and metaphysical, is amazing.”

Rachael Martin

Therapist & Teacher Bioenergy Teaching

Let me help you release the best version of yourself:
your authentic self.

Thrive in your private and professional life.